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& Unique Hand-Dyed Yarns
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Hand-Dyed & Hand-Painted Yarns in Amsterdam, New York

For top-quality and beautiful hand-dyed or hand-painted yarns, contact Great Adirondack Yarn Co INC in Amsterdam, New York.

Yarns Please bear with me! Site is brand new, and I am putting everything up as quickly as I can! It should be complete by mid Sept!! Ribbons are up,with a couple of exceptions, more to come!
Beautiful & Unique Yarns
At our wholesale yarn company, we sell only the best hand-dyed yarns, each of which often contains 3 or more colors in each colorway. All yarns are available in any of the Great Adirondack colorways.

These yarns are dyed in such a way as to form a soft mosaic effect when worked up, so that each dye lot of hand-painted yarns is unique. Choose from a variety of yarns for your knitting, weaving, or crocheting project. Click here for a full description of each type of yarn.

Colors  These will be up first, will be complete by 1st week of Sept!

Sequins Yarn, Hand-Painted Yarns in Amsterdam, NY

Contact us at, to request more information about our hand-painted yarns.