Providing Beautiful
& Unique Hand-Dyed Yarns
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Handpainting and dyeing yarns in wonderful colors for over 25 years! Please see store locator for a list of shops carrying our yarns.

Gypzy in Marsala
New Yarn Gypzy.

Quality Hand Painted Yarns
Our many yarns and colorways offer versatility for any project, from knitting and crocheting classic garments, to fun and artistic, using sequins, and sparkly metallics. Please visit the Gallery for more sweaters and wearable art we have created.

Gypzy Feather Fan ScarfGypzy Chevron Scarf

New Patterns:  Gypzy Feather & Fan Scarf   Gypzy Chevron Scarf              

A Passion for Knitting & Color
Great Adirondack Yarn Co Inc. began more than 30 years ago because of a passion for knitting and color, and now we are one of the most well-known yarn companies around.


We take pride in our quality fibers and exquisite colorways, from glowing, vibrant colors to deep, mysterious shades and soft monochromatic tones. Located on a small horse farm in upstate New York, we get our inspiration from the gardens, the land, and all the lovely creatures that share our little corner of the world.

Awards & Recognition: Featured Frequently in Love of Knitting, and Knit and Style magazines Knitting Magazines

Associations: The National Needlework Association (TNNA)

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